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  • 90% of readers report print engagement

BrandVoice puts Forbes’ publishing expertise to work to make you a better content marketer—ensuring your stories, insights and points of view consistently reach and resonate with the right audience.

As a BrandVoice partner you’ll publish your stories in your own voice on Forbes.com, which attracts nearly 50 million unique visitors each month. Your content will be integrated naturally, alongside Forbes editorial, in environments that attract decision makers and other influencers.



2017 Winner 

Digital-Online Advertising & Marketing-Image/Infographic 

CITVoice: Solar, Wind Or Water? Mapping Renewable Energy In The U.S. Content Marketing Infographic

2017 Winner

Marketing Effectiveness – Campaign-Content Marketing

DellVoice: Cities Transformed



Stories is a campaign-based opportunity, including:

– 5-post minimum
– 2 months
– Native ad impression guarantee
– Social promotion
– Report at program conclusion

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Elite is a long-term discovery opportunity including:

– Always-on publishing with direct platform access
– 4-month minimum
– Native ad impressions guarantee
– Forbes.com homepage promotion
– Social promotion
– Real-time analytics dashboard
– Monthly report
– Quarterly strategy session

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Special Feature


Special Feature is the power of topic influencers:

– Phased Content Roll-Out
– Feature Hub With 10 Content Elements
– 2-month minimum
– Native ad impressions guarantee
– Forbes.com homepage promotion
– Social promotion
– Paid amplification
– Report at Program Conclusion

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Amplify your brand within the pages of Forbes Magazine.

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