Frank Wang has turned his dream of flying robots into the world’s biggest drone company.

The world renowned Billionaires list is the eagerly anticipated global ranking revealing the wealthiest people in the world and generates the largest print audience of the year. This past year’s acclaimed Billionaires issue embraced an enormous 1,800 billionaires, with spades of never before seen faces across a hugely diverse group. We exposed their new and innovative inventions and the driving forces behind new wealth and job creation.


By Platform

Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine

  • 7.4M Issue audience
  • 3.6M Noted audience


  • More than 54% of the audience are millennials
  • 138% Traffic increase YOY
  • The site includes the 2015 ranking, social shares on six platforms and digital extras, including real-time data, filtered lists and numerous photo and video galleries.
Forbes Mobile

Forbes Mobile

  • 63% of the audience is from millennials
  • 249% Mobile traffic increase
  • The mobile Billionaires site highlights the full ranking, Billionaires galleries, video extras and interactive mobile features.

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